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Racism isn’t an exclusively American problem. Racism is alive in the UK and here in Bristol and in the Church. Racism is a sin, and as such all Christians everywhere are duty bound to stand, be counted and fight against it. Silence on the matter is complicity.  

As a church, we are committed to the long-term fight. Although painful instances such as George Floyd’s unlawful killing can spur us into action, we want to make sure we are doing more than just reacting in the moment. One of the best ways we can all do that is to educate ourselves. When we take time to listen and learn we become better prayers, better activists and most importantly grow in compassion for those who are afflicted. 

So, here are just a few resources that can help us take the next step in educating ourselves.






Reflection | Tobi Ade-Odiachi

This has been a tough week.

For the people who look like me,

This has been a tough week. 

Like the weeks in 2019 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and all the other weeks before this has been a tough week

I wish I could give you a complete account of how I feel.

I wish I could suggest a way to move forward.

But that’s a hard question and I don’t know the answer.

Mainly because there are too many answers;

One for the African, the African American, the British African, Caribbean, the British Caribbean’s, the African South American, the African European, the Australian African, the Aboriginals, the Asian African.

A different answer for each of us and each of the sub groups within.

And even then there won’t be a complete account because we are asked about a world that is imposed on us and at the same time constantly denied to us.

Personally I’m exhausted.

“In the wake of George Floyd” is akin to when the Titanic first hit the iceberg and only then did they realise it was way bigger than they had presumed. So yes I’m exhausted, because this has been a tough week like many other weeks before.

But I think this time, for the first time, it hasn’t just been a tough week for me and the people who look like me or the people who are from where I’m from.  It has been a tough week for the people on the outside looking in. For the people who don’t look like me or come from where I’m from.

And like I said earlier this is just the tip of the iceberg.

These murders are not the problem, they are  only a symptom of a much greater issue. A problem as old as our civilisations. To understand it will be to understand why cocoa farmers are underpaid while chocolatiers  gain a profit. To understand why technology continues to gain value but children in the Congo and Sierra Leone still lose their lives in mines. To understand why up until 2015 the British were still playing loss of income fees to slaveowners and until this day African countries are still playing colonial tax.

So understand that when I say this week like many others have been tough, it’s not just because an African-American man got murdered by the police on the street…Again.