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Chloe Swinney

What can we learn from the story of the Good Samaritan about showing love in the face of an unexpected crisis?
Life, Interrupted
26th April 2020
Bad things happen when we only listen to people like us. How do we enlist the help of wiser heads in our decision making?
4th August 2019
What does it mean to be devoted to prayer? And why is it key for a community of faith?
Devoted to Prayer
18th November 2018
What do you do when God seems absent?
Psalm 13
12th August 2018
Christians are called to be model employees. So what does it look like to live as a follower of Jesus at work?
Work It with Heart
25th June 2017
What are the benefits of doing life in community and how can we make that work for us in today’s individualistic culture?
Running with Others
12th March 2017
What was the significance of the Magi Gifts to Jesus and what relevance do they have to us today?
18th December 2016
They say church is like a giant helicopter - get too close and you’ll be sucked into the rotas. But is there benefit in serving?
How We Do Serving
23rd October 2016
Is it okay to have questions? Is it okay to not have all the answers? Is it okay to doubt? And can wrestling with God bring you closer to Him?
The Wrestler
29th May 2016

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