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Kate Jinadu

Pastoral Team Leader
Euodia and Syntyche were two women on Paul's ministry team who found themselves at loggerheads. So what we do when Christians don't get on?
Where is the Love?
12th July 2020
What does Psalm 46 have to teach us about God's faithfulness in times of trouble - and how do we apply it to our lives?
Be Still and Know
19th April 2020
Porn promises much but delivers little. Worse still, it leads to cycles of addiction and shame. So how can we live porn free?
Porn Free
26th January 2020
Prayer is the biggest factor in changing our story and the stories of those around us. So why don’t we engage more? Why is it so hard?
Nuisance Neighbour
24th November 2019
Baptism is a powerful symbol of a person choosing death with Christ in order to experience the brand new life of the Spirit.
Death Wish
20th October 2019
It takes warrior builders to rebuild a city in a time of conflict. What does that look like and how does it apply to us?
Swords & Shovels
2nd June 2019
What do you do when faith in God looks like social and career suicide?
Moses Refused
10th March 2019
How does community work? What are the keys to devoted fellowship? And why is it crucial for church?
Devoted to Community
25th November 2018
A powerful woman in a man’s world. What does Priscilla’s story tell us about the church’s radical empowering of women?
15th July 2018
Is social action a nice add on to faith, or something more fundamentally part of it?
Why Social Action
25th February 2018
The way the Nativity is traditionally portrayed is a far cry from what actually happened. So what really went on and why does it matter?
The Nativity
17th December 2017

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