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Mat Miles

Creative Team Leader
Why it pays to praise.
Psalm 150
8th August 2020
The oldest book in the Bible tackles depression and personal suffering head on. What can it teach us today?
Down Low
23rd February 2020
How do we live differently in a culture of addiction and excess? What sort of alternative does the Bible point us towards?
Under the Influence
2nd February 2020
As we prepare to multiply and divide apart, we need more than ever to consolidate and come together. But how?
K is for Konnekt!
15th September 2019
Jesus constantly clashed with the religious. How do we live as believers without giving in to our religious impulses?
Jesus vs. Religion
14th April 2019
What's the key to success and fruitfulness?
Psalm 1
29th July 2018
Is having a heart for Global Mission just for the keenies, or is it more fundamental than that?
Love the World
10th June 2018
Why are some people put off the message of Christianity and what exactly does it mean for us anyway?
Good News
18th February 2018
We live in a hyper-sexualised world that offers instant gratification. But what cost does that come at and where does it lead?
15th October 2017
Drug use in Bristol is higher than almost any other UK city. But what are the hidden costs of this culture - and who ends up paying?
High Society
5th March 2017

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