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Issues to do with developing a good character and becoming like Jesus
How do we live differently in a culture of addiction and excess? What sort of alternative does the Bible point us towards?
Under the Influence
Mat Miles | 2 Feb 2020
Even the smartest of us has blind spots. How do we make sure we don’t fall prey to the usual temptations?
Rob Scott Cook | 25 Aug 2019
Bad things happen when we only listen to people like us. How do we enlist the help of wiser heads in our decision making?
Chloe Swinney | 4 Aug 2019
Communication is the key to any successful relationship. So what's the secret to better speaking - and listening?
Better at Communication
Philip Jinadu | 30 Jun 2019
Anyone can do well when life is easy, but succeeding in the difficult times takes both Strength and Skill. And that's easier said than done.
Better at Life
Philip Jinadu | 23 Jun 2019
What do you do when God seems absent?
Psalm 13
Chloe Swinney | 12 Aug 2018
What does it mean to 'set your heart on pilgrimage'?
Psalm 84
Pam Scott Cook | 5 Aug 2018
A disappointment and a failure. How did God turn a reject into one of the most widely read authors in history?
John Mark
Philip Jinadu | 22 Jul 2018
Is there more to good character than simply good choices and habits? Is there better news than simply 'try harder'?
Character Follows
Philip Jinadu | 4 Feb 2018
What is the training effect and how can we apply it to our emotional, relational and spiritual lives?
Training for Life
Philip Jinadu | 19 Mar 2017
Where do you go when you hit rock bottom? And what's the key to overcoming crippling discouragement?
Falling Down
Philip Jinadu | 3 Jul 2016
Why are the very people we need to listen to, the last people we want to hear from? And why are our friends sometimes a hinderance to us making good choices?
How to Avoid Messing Up
Alex Burn | 4 Oct 2015

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