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Paul gives a model for discipleship and mentoring that is key to this day. What does that look like, how do we engage with it in practice and why is it necessary?
Help Me Help You
Philip Jinadu | 19 Jul 2020
What do you do in the midst of doubt and darkness? And what are the keys to having a storm tested faith?
Going Under
Philip Jinadu | 7 Jun 2020
In a time of imposed self-denial, what can we learn about the path to true happiness?
When You Fast
Sam Cook | 24 May 2020
How do we go deeper in prayer and what stops it from becoming dry and religious?
When You Pray
Philip Jinadu | 17 May 2020
What does giving have to do with spirituality - and how does it bring us closer to God and happiness?
When You Give
Philip Jinadu | 10 May 2020
What's the meaning of baptism and what does it have to do with the 2 big questions of life?
Lose Yourself
Philip Jinadu | 16 Feb 2020
What we consume has big implications for the health of our bodies and the health of our planet. It’s time we put the ‘good’ back into good food.
Good Food Guide
Sam Cook | 9 Feb 2020
What would it be like if we could re-write our story of fear and insecurity into a story of faith and success?
Team One Talent
Philip Jinadu | 10 Nov 2019
Is it possible to follow Jesus without personal sacrifice? What are some of the sacrifices that we'll have to make for the new service, and what's in it for us?
S is for Sacrifice
Philip Jinadu | 8 Sep 2019
What's most important for us as a community and why should we aspire to be Mickey Mouse?
Mickey Mouse Church
Philip Jinadu | 6 Jan 2019
What exactly does it mean that God trusts us, and how do we make sure we live up to that trust?
Trusted by a Good God
Philip Jinadu | 9 Sep 2018
Is it right to chase after happiness or is there a better way?
Goodness Follows
Rob Scott Cook | 11 Feb 2018
What is the principle of sowing and reaping, and why do so few people make life decisions based on it?
Destiny Follows
Philip Jinadu | 14 Jan 2018
What's the Biblical connection between fasting and feasting - and why do we need both?
Fasting & Feasting
Dave Mitchell | 7 Jan 2018
Most of us are painfully aware of our weaknesses and shortcomings. But are they the very things that make us special?
Philip Jinadu | 5 Nov 2017
We celebrate our 2nd Birthday by revisiting our vision and deciding it's got to change...
Happy 2nd Birthday, Metro
Philip Jinadu | 3 Sep 2017
Not everyone will be happy when good things happen to you. So how do you react when people have a problem with your faith?
The Miracle Man
Philip Jinadu | 27 Aug 2017
What exactly is baptism and why is it important for followers of Jesus?
What is Baptism?
Philip Jinadu | 28 May 2017
Drug use in Bristol is higher than almost any other UK city. But what are the hidden costs of this culture - and who ends up paying?
High Society
Mat Miles | 5 Mar 2017
If Jesus doesn’t condemn us as sinners, and extends grace to everyone, then we can all do what we want. Right?
Anything Goes
Clare Thompson | 27 Nov 2016
The Bible knows nothing of solitary faith. So what does a spiritual community look like and how do we access it?
All Together Now
Philip Jinadu | 18 Sep 2016
When it comes to followers, Jesus is not just looking for people to believe in him, embrace his teaching and do good. He’s after something altogether more profound.
Only One Thing
Philip Jinadu | 6 Mar 2016
Jesus chooses a group of ordinary people to do something utterly extraordinary. He trusts them with a world-changing message, but gets them to deliver it in the most vulnerable and humble way possible.
Lambs Among Wolves
Philip Jinadu | 28 Feb 2016
What does it mean to be an Infectious Discipleship and what difference does it make to our world?
Infectious Discipleship
Rob Scott Cook | 14 Feb 2016
Most of us have fairly modest expectations of our own lives. But what if there was more out there for us? What if we could exceed all expectations?
How to Exceed Expectations
Philip Jinadu | 18 Oct 2015
We all make a mess of things from time to time. So how do you make things right when they've gone so wrong?
How to Get Back on Track
Philip Jinadu | 11 Oct 2015
Why are the very people we need to listen to, the last people we want to hear from? And why are our friends sometimes a hinderance to us making good choices?
How to Avoid Messing Up
Alex Burn | 4 Oct 2015
When a new job, a new relationship or a new phase of life comes along, it bring new challenges as well as opportunities. So how do we meet those challenges without losing a part of ourselves?
How to Start Well
Philip Jinadu | 20 Sep 2015
The second in our series, Irresistible, on what the church is all about. What's the secret to fulfilment in life and what does it cost?
Philip Jinadu | 17 May 2015

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