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Good News

Understanding the gospel story of God's love for humanity, expressed in Jesus' life, death and resurrection
Jesus tells a story that completely changes the way we think about God. It's good news of the best possible kind.
The Running God
Philip Jinadu | 12 May 2019
If Friday is so Good, why on earth did the Church make Sunday special?
Why Not Friday?
Philip Jinadu | 21 Apr 2019
Why do we celebrate baptism, when there is so much pain in the world around us?
Dead Man Walking
Sam Cook | 24 Feb 2019
Christianity rises or falls on the claim of Resurrection. So is there any evidence that Jesus rose from the dead and how compelling is it?
Supernatural Event
Philip Jinadu | 28 Oct 2018
Is there any evidence for the person of Jesus Christ? And crucially, is there any evidence that he was more than just a man?
Historical Fact
Philip Jinadu | 21 Oct 2018
How does faith in Jesus transform the lives of people today, and what does that mean for us? Baptism Special.
Changed Lives
Philip Jinadu | 14 Oct 2018
If money, sex, work, pleasure, and even relationships can’t provide ultimate fulfilment - what’s the point?
What's the Point?
Philip Jinadu | 30 Sep 2018
Why is it so crucial for us to grasp what God has trusted us with? How can we make a difference to the lives of others?
Trusted with Good News
Sam Cook | 23 Sep 2018
A sworn enemy. How did God use the most Jewish man around to totally transform the non-Jewish world?
Philip Jinadu | 8 Jul 2018
In a contest between doing things right and caring for people, Jesus always put humanity first. How can we follow his example?
Humanity First
Dave Mitchell | 17 Jun 2018
What is the Christian hope of life after death? What does it look like and why does it matter?
Philip Jinadu | 13 May 2018
What does it mean that death has lost its sting? How can we be sad about death without fearing it?
Rob Scott Cook | 6 May 2018
Message from Metro Easter 2018.
Do you Believe?
Philip Jinadu | 1 Apr 2018
If the Gospel really is Good News, why aren't we more excited about it? Is it possible that it's actually better than most of us realise?
Fake News
Philip Jinadu | 25 Mar 2018
Genesis lays out the heart of the human condition. So where is God when things go wrong?
Salvation in the Beginning
Philip Jinadu | 11 Mar 2018
Why are some people put off the message of Christianity and what exactly does it mean for us anyway?
Good News
Mat Miles | 18 Feb 2018
Isaiah gives one of the most famous flash forwards to the life of Jesus. So what can we learn from his incredible prophecy?
Unto Us
Philip Jinadu | 3 Dec 2017
Where can we find Jesus in Scripture, and what does the Old Testament show us about the future King?
Rob Scott Cook | 26 Nov 2017
What qualifications do you need to have in order to bring God’s good news to others, and how do you go about it?
The Bad Samaritan
Philip Jinadu | 6 Aug 2017
Resurrection was the key message of the early church. What exactly is it, who is it for and why aren’t we more excited by it?
Hope of Resurrection
Philip Jinadu | 23 Apr 2017
If Jesus’ death brings us our forgiveness, then his resurrection brings us our future. So what did he do that first Easter and why does it matter?
Death of Death
Philip Jinadu | 16 Apr 2017
What does the Bible have to say about death - it’s cause, it’s nature and it’s ultimate defeat?
Wages of Sin
Dave Mitchell | 9 Apr 2017
When Jesus first spoke his message of grace it caused upset and outrage. Why is that and what’s so amazing about grace?
The Difference
Philip Jinadu | 20 Nov 2016
Trudy tells the amazing story of her life on the streets and how God saved her from the red light district and brought her back to life.
Green Light District
Trudy Makepeace | 13 Nov 2016
The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the heart of our faith. How did it affect the disciples then and how does it affect us now?
Peace to You
Clare Thompson | 27 Mar 2016
The Jerusalem Journey ends with vast crowds and huge public adulation. Yet Jesus weeps because most fail to grasp the point of the journey. Do we really understand what Jesus is about or have we also missed the point?
On This Day
Philip Jinadu | 20 Mar 2016
Jesus allows his journey to be diverted, just as it’s reaching its climax. But his visit to the home of a notorious hate figure is much more than an interruption. It’s the whole point of the journey.
Seek And Save
Alex | 13 Mar 2016
What does it mean to be on a journey of faith? What does it mean to follow Jesus? And exactly were are we following him to?
Face Like Flint
Philip Jinadu | 21 Feb 2016

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