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Makes the world go round
There's nothing wrong or sinful about our appetites. So why doesn't indulging them always lead to lasting happiness?
Guiding Principle
Philip Jinadu | 12 Jan 2020
What does it mean to truly love mercy - and why do religious people find it so hard?
Love Mercy
Philip Jinadu | 30 Apr 2017
When you think that love is a feeling and the easiest thing in the world to express.
Love Me Don't
Philip Jinadu | 19 Feb 2017
Unlike many of us, Jesus never put religion before humanity. What can we learn from his example about touching someone else's heart?
Human Touch
Dave Mitchell | 25 Dec 2015
What was it that motivated Jesus to touch the untouchable? And why did he spend so much time on individual outcasts when he had a world to change?
Human, Touched
Pam Scott Cook | 1 Nov 2015

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