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Power of God

Dealing with healing, miracles and the supernatural
Does Jesus heal the sick today and if so, how? Healing Special.
Jesus vs. Sickness
Dave Mitchell | 7 Apr 2019
Rational arguments are all well and good. But can we experience God's supernatural reality ourselves?
Supernatural Encounters
Philip Jinadu | 4 Nov 2018
What is healing, how does it work and what is it pointing towards?
Philip Jinadu | 8 Apr 2018
Jesus doesn’t promise his followers an easy ride, but he does give them his authority. So what does that look like and how does it work?
Philip Jinadu | 19 Nov 2017
What’s the secret to winning in life, particularly when the odds are stacked against you?
Philip Jinadu | 10 Oct 2017
Not everyone will be happy when good things happen to you. So how do you react when people have a problem with your faith?
The Miracle Man
Philip Jinadu | 27 Aug 2017
What exactly is faith and what do you need to see miracles happen in your life and the lives of others?
The Beloved Enemy
Philip Jinadu | 20 Aug 2017
What is Biblical, Holy Spirit inspired Confidence - and how can we get it?
Rob Scott Cook | 4 Jun 2017
What does the Bible say about healing? How can we pray for healing for others and experience supernatural healing ourselves?
Healing Special
Tim Dobson | 26 Feb 2017

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