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Navigating the ups and downs of relationships, between friends, lovers and family
The statistics for sustaining a relationship for life are not good. So how can we give ourselves a fighting chance for success and happiness?
Fighting Chance
Philip Jinadu | 19 Jan 2020
What causes conflict and breakdown in our relationships, and what can we do about it?
Better at Conflict
Philip Jinadu | 14 Jul 2019
Communication is the key to any successful relationship. So what's the secret to better speaking - and listening?
Better at Communication
Philip Jinadu | 30 Jun 2019
What guidelines does the Bible give for modern couples building relationships?
The Purity Principle
Philip Jinadu | 3 Feb 2019
What benefits did the sexual revolution bring, and at what cost?
A Broken Revolution
Philip Jinadu | 27 Jan 2019
What actions, decisions and behaviours lead to long term intimacy and what ones work against it?
Intimacy Follows
Philip Jinadu | 21 Jan 2018
When you think that love is a feeling and the easiest thing in the world to express.
Love Me Don't
Philip Jinadu | 19 Feb 2017
When you think the best way to prepare for a lifetime together is to move in together.
Try Before You Buy
Philip Jinadu | 12 Feb 2017
When you think there’s a special soulmate out there who will meet your needs and make you happy.
You Complete Me
Philip Jinadu | 5 Feb 2017
When you think the ideal relationship is simply not attainable, or just not worth the bother.
Better Not
Philip Jinadu | 29 Jan 2017
How do we recover when our hearts have been broken? What’s the key to surviving relationship breakdowns without becoming hard and bitter?
Broken Up
Philip Jinadu | 17 Jul 2016
The Bible’s matter-of-fact promise of joyful and loving relationships that are harmonious, kind, tender and long lasting seems too good to be true. So how do such relationships work and how do you get one?
Loving is Hard
Philip Jinadu | 7 Feb 2016
Most relationships don’t go the distance, and those that do don’t always inspire confidence in 'happily ever after'. So what’s the secret to staying committed to one another and enjoying it?
Commitment is Hard
Philip Jinadu | 24 Jan 2016
In a culture that idealises happy couples, being single can feel like second best. But singleness offers unique possibilities for personal growth. So how do we use our singleness to invest in ourselves, as well as in any future relationships?
Singleness is Hard
Philip Jinadu | 17 Jan 2016
Short term happiness is relatively easy to get, but finding really deep and lasting happiness is much harder. Is it possible that establishing helpful boundaries for our sex lives is a key in the pursuit of happiness?
Happiness is Hard
Philip Jinadu | 10 Jan 2016

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