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Social Action

How faith leads to engagement with issues of social action, social justice and the wider world
How did the early church prioritise serving the needs of the poor and social justice - and what did it cost them?
Justice League
Sam Cook | 26 Jul 2020
What we consume has big implications for the health of our bodies and the health of our planet. It’s time we put the ‘good’ back into good food.
Good Food Guide
Sam Cook | 9 Feb 2020
How can we see social justice in our city this Christmas-time? An Advent Special, featuring interviews with our partners, the Crisis Centre and Beloved.
Dreaming of a Right Christmas
Sam Cook | 1 Dec 2019
It takes warrior builders to rebuild a city in a time of conflict. What does that look like and how does it apply to us?
Swords & Shovels
Kate Jinadu | 2 Jun 2019
We interview some of those at the sharp end of the Love Running causes.
Lovers Running
Panel | 5 May 2019
How do you make a difference when the problems seem so big and what you can offer seems so small?
Stuck in Midian
Sam Cook | 28 Apr 2019
What is Love Running and why do we want everyone to do it?
Get Fit
Philip Jinadu | 20 Jan 2019
Is social action a nice add on to faith, or something more fundamentally part of it?
Why Social Action
Kate Jinadu | 25 Feb 2018
A supplemental Special to our Love, Walk, Act series. We ask Hannah Mitchell to help us explore where the rubber hits the road.
Just Love
Hannah Mitchell(68) | 21 May 2017
Why is meeting the needs of the marginalised an issue of justice, not just charity?
Act Justly
Philip Jinadu | 14 May 2017
Drug use in Bristol is higher than almost any other UK city. But what are the hidden costs of this culture - and who ends up paying?
High Society
Mat Miles | 5 Mar 2017
What is Love Running and how does it help us get fit, get friends and change the world? Register your interest at
Love Running
Philip Jinadu | 15 Jan 2017
Trudy tells the amazing story of her life on the streets and how God saved her from the red light district and brought her back to life.
Green Light District
Trudy Makepeace | 13 Nov 2016
What does serving the city look like in practice for us, and how do we make sure social action isn’t just for the select few?
How We Do Social Action
Philip Jinadu | 16 Oct 2016
We interview key players from Urban Pursuit, One25 and The Noise to learn what they're doing to serve the city, and how we can get involved as well.
Serve the City
Various | 4 Sep 2016

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