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Relating faith in Jesus to the workplace
Most of us have misconceptions when it comes to ministers and ministry. So how does Joseph’s example shine light on things?
First Minister
Philip Jinadu | 21 Feb 2021
It’s not always easy finding a healthy work/life balance in today’s culture. So what are the keys to winning at work without losing at life?
Work It with Balance
Philip Jinadu | 16 Jul 2017
Few Christians view work the way the Bible does - as a place of ministry. So how do we bring God’s Kingdom to the workplace?
Work It with Faith
Philip Jinadu | 9 Jul 2017
How do you handle yourself at work when faced with the challenges of bullying, compromise and a toxic culture?
Work It with Integrity
Philip Jinadu | 2 Jul 2017
Christians are called to be model employees. So what does it look like to live as a follower of Jesus at work?
Work It with Heart
Chloe Swinney | 25 Jun 2017
According to the Bible work isn’t a necessary evil but a part of God’s good plan. So what exactly is God’s purpose for work?
Work It with Purpose
Philip Jinadu | 18 Jun 2017

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