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Relating faith in Jesus to the workplace
It’s not always easy finding a healthy work/life balance in today’s culture. So what are the keys to winning at work without losing at life?
Work It with Balance
Philip Jinadu | 16 Jul 2017
Few Christians view work the way the Bible does - as a place of ministry. So how do we bring God’s Kingdom to the workplace?
Work It with Faith
Philip Jinadu | 9 Jul 2017
How do you handle yourself at work when faced with the challenges of bullying, compromise and a toxic culture?
Work It with Integrity
Philip Jinadu | 2 Jul 2017
Christians are called to be model employees. So what does it look like to live as a follower of Jesus at work?
Work It with Heart
Chloe Swinney | 25 Jun 2017
According to the Bible work isn’t a necessary evil but a part of God’s good plan. So what exactly is God’s purpose for work?
Work It with Purpose
Philip Jinadu | 18 Jun 2017

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