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Big Questions

Wrestling with issues of faith, the Bible and reasons for believing in God
Conventional wisdom would tell you that belief in God is unscientific, unreasonable and irrational. But the truth is far more dangerous.
What They Don't Tell You
Philip Jinadu | 27 Oct 2019
Christianity rises or falls on the claim of Resurrection. So is there any evidence that Jesus rose from the dead and how compelling is it?
Supernatural Event
Philip Jinadu | 28 Oct 2018
Is there any evidence for the person of Jesus Christ? And crucially, is there any evidence that he was more than just a man?
Historical Fact
Philip Jinadu | 21 Oct 2018
How does a scientific understanding of our time space universe point us towards a creator?
Cosmic Wonders
Philip Jinadu | 7 Oct 2018
What’s God’s final plan for the cosmos? Is it just an escape from planet earth to a life in the clouds, or something way better?
Philip Jinadu | 27 May 2018
What does the Bible teach about heaven and hell? And how can we have confidence in where we’re heading?
Philip Jinadu | 20 May 2018
What does it mean that death has lost its sting? How can we be sad about death without fearing it?
Rob Scott Cook | 6 May 2018
If God controls all things, why bother praying? If everything that happens is part of His plan, what does that leave for us to do?
If God is Powerful
Philip Jinadu | 9 Oct 2016
How do we possibly reconcile the idea of a loving God with a world full of pain, tragedy and sorrow? Featuring Rachel Riddall
If God is Loving
Philip Jinadu | 2 Oct 2016
Does belief in God make any real difference to a person’s life? Or is it just an interesting thing to think about now and then?
If God is Real
Philip Jinadu | 25 Sep 2016
For some people Hell is a deal breaker: ‘I can’t believe because the idea of God sending billions of ordinary people to hell for not being Christians is abhorrent.'
What the Hell?
Philip Jinadu | 6 Dec 2015
For some people The Bible is a deal breaker: 'I can’t believe because I’m not convinced the Bible is reliable. It’s full of contradictions, errors and exaggerated stories added long after the real events.'
The Holey Bible?
Philip Jinadu | 29 Nov 2015
For some people Human Sexuality is a deal breaker: ‘I can’t believe because of the repressive, judgemental and out of touch attitude of the church to people’s sexuality.'
Dangerous Liaisons?
Ed Shaw | 22 Nov 2015
For some people Absolute Truth is a deal breaker: ‘I can’t believe because of all the other religions out there. It’s arrogant and ignorant of Christians to say their way is the only way.'
A Convenient Truth?
Philip Jinadu | 15 Nov 2015
For some people Evolution is a deal breaker: 'I can’t believe because science gives us a much better answer to where we came from than some fairy tale about Adam and Eve.
Monkey's Uncle?
Philip Jinadu | 8 Nov 2015

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