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Social Action

As a community we have a passionate heart for social justice in our city. It's our vision to help people SERVE their city, and our engagement with Social Action helps us do just that.

Our strategy for social action is to partner with other agencies. We think we can have the biggest impact, not by starting up lots of our own initiatives, but by throwing our support behind a few of the most credible, most effective charities out there. 

Charities like Love Running, TLG and The Wild Goose.

Love Running

Love Running is a mass entry into the Bristol 10k Road Race to raise money for local city need and global crisis. Over the six times we've done this in Bristol we've mobilised nearly 3,000 runners and raised almost £700,000.

The Wild Goose

Our mid-week Hubs aren't just places for spiritual reflection and community building. They're places where we can learn to serve the vulnerable and marginalised.

Hubs regularly volunteer at the Wild Goose Drop-In Centre, providing the homeless of Bristol with a safe space, a good meal and some care and attention.

The Wild Goose is part of Crisis Centre Ministries, an award winning charity that has been operating in Bristol for over 30 years.


We've teamed up with the national charity, TLG - Transforming Lives for Good - to support a secondary school in one of Bristol's most deprived wards. Each week a group of us go into the school to mentor some of its most needy children, providing them with emotional support as well as educational assistance.

The TLG programme has a proven track record in improving behaviour and helping children gain greater levels of confidence. Most pupils we see end up making greater than expected progress in English and Maths.


head_space is our brand new initiative looking to help tackle the mental health crisis across Bristol. We’re going to be launching in Autumn 2021 so look out for head_space groups where you can chat about your wellbeing in a supportive space, big events and lots more. 

If you want to find out more or are interested in getting involved contact Sam.


Our Alpha Courses are designed to help people explore faith in Jesus


Our mid-week Hubs help people become part of an authentic community


Our mentoring friendships help people develop as disciples of Jesus


Our social action and community partners help people serve the city



Any Questions? Get in touch with Sam, our Social Action Lead.

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