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Dave Mitchell

Senior Leader, Woodlands
What's the prayer that Jesus prays for the church? And why is it so important?
May They Be One
2nd August 2020
Does Jesus heal the sick today and if so, how? Healing Special.
Jesus vs. Sickness
7th April 2019
Psalm 139 | Dave Mitchell
What difference does it make knowing we're utterly and intimately known by God?
Psalm 139
26th August 2018
In a contest between doing things right and caring for people, Jesus always put humanity first. How can we follow his example?
Humanity First
17th June 2018
What's the Biblical connection between fasting and feasting - and why do we need both?
Fasting & Feasting
7th January 2018
What is calling, how does it come and does God still call people today?
The Calling
10th September 2017
What does the Bible have to say about death - it’s cause, it’s nature and it’s ultimate defeat?
Wages of Sin
9th April 2017
What does it mean to be empowered by the Holy Spirit? How does it work and how do we access it?
26th June 2016
We start the New Year thinking of the dreams that God has for us and the ways in which he can use our stories to change the lives of others.
God Dreams
3rd January 2016
Unlike many of us, Jesus never put religion before humanity. What can we learn from his example about touching someone else's heart?
Human Touch
25th December 2015

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