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Rob Scott Cook

Founding Pastor, Woodlands Group of Churches
What does God have in store for us as a group of churches in 2019?
Supernatural Breakthrough
13th January 2019
What does it mean that death has lost its sting? How can we be sad about death without fearing it?
6th May 2018
Is it right to chase after happiness or is there a better way?
Goodness Follows
11th February 2018
Where can we find Jesus in Scripture, and what does the Old Testament show us about the future King?
26th November 2017
What is Biblical, Holy Spirit inspired Confidence - and how can we get it?
4th June 2017
Have we been doing Communion all wrong? If so, why - and how can we get the most out of it?
Love Feast
22nd January 2017
What is God's heart for Bristol, and what does it mean for us to 'continually reproduce the life of Jesus'?
The Life of Jesus
11th September 2016
What does it mean to be an Infectious Discipleship and what difference does it make to our world?
Infectious Discipleship
14th February 2016
If it's true that God has a plan for our lives, how on earth do we discover it for ourselves, and should we even bother?
Future Hope
13th September 2015

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