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Understanding the reason for the season
Who were the Magi and what can they teach us about true worship?
Why Magi Worship
Alexia Roberts | 22 Dec 2019
What if the reason we don't believe in God is that we've missed the signs? What if He's always been there - but we just didn't recognise Him? A Christmas message.
The Unrecognised God
Philip Jinadu | 15 Dec 2019
How can we see social justice in our city this Christmas-time? An Advent Special, featuring interviews with our partners, the Crisis Centre and Beloved.
Dreaming of a Right Christmas
Sam Cook | 1 Dec 2019
It isn't supposed to be like this. What do we do when our experiences don't match up to our expectations?
Hope vs. Reality
Matt Price | 23 Dec 2018
What does the Christmas story tell us about weakness, and why is it good news?
Strength in Weakness
Alexia Roberts | 16 Dec 2018
What's the one word that summarises the meaning of Christmas more than any other?
Glimpse of Grace
Philip Jinadu | 9 Dec 2018
The way the Nativity is traditionally portrayed is a far cry from what actually happened. So what really went on and why does it matter?
The Nativity
Kate Jinadu | 17 Dec 2017
Isaiah gives one of the most famous flash forwards to the life of Jesus. So what can we learn from his incredible prophecy?
Unto Us
Philip Jinadu | 3 Dec 2017
What was the significance of the Magi Gifts to Jesus and what relevance do they have to us today?
Chloe Swinney | 18 Dec 2016
There's a reason the Bible is vague when it comes to the Magi - and it's what makes Christmas relevant to us all.
You are the Magi
Philip Jinadu | 11 Dec 2016
What do the events surrounding the first Nativity have to do with Grace? Have we got our view of Christmas all wrong?
Grace in a Box
Philip Jinadu | 4 Dec 2016
What was the original Christmas message - and why was it delivered to a bunch of shepherds, of all people?
Let us Go!
Luke Addison | 20 Dec 2015
The true meaning of Christmas can be summed up in one word - Immanuel, the God who's always been there, experienced in a way like never before.
Always Been Never Before
Philip Jinadu | 13 Dec 2015

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