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Emotional Health

Dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and other issues that affect emotional and mental wellbeing
So much of friendship connection now happens via social media. But is it real, is it as good and what are the dangers?
Facebook Friends
Mat Miles | 2 May 2021
What happens when friction and fighting hit friendship? And how do you call a friend out without jeopardising the relationship?
Fighting Friends
Philip Jinadu | 18 Apr 2021
Ultimately the dream that God gives us needs to be fulfilled in our lives for the benefit of others. How does that work?
This Is Your Moment
Philip Jinadu | 28 Feb 2021
We all struggle with temptation, often falling into the same holes over and over again. But is it possible to successfully overcome temptation?
Drop Your Coat
Philip Jinadu | 14 Feb 2021
Does Jesus really mean the things he says in the Sermon on the Mount and how on earth are we supposed to live up to them?
Pluck it Out
Matt Price | 29 Nov 2020
What does it mean to be blessed and is it even possible in a time of disruption and crisis?
Psalm 67
Kate Jinadu | 30 Aug 2020
What do we do when we mess up and how do we get our relationship with God back on track?
Psalm 51
Mat Miles | 23 Aug 2020
What does the story of Lazarus teach us about experiencing God's love and comfort in a time of grieving and sorrow?
Loss in a Lockdown
Matt Price | 3 May 2020
What does Psalm 46 have to teach us about God's faithfulness in times of trouble - and how do we apply it to our lives?
Be Still and Know
Kate Jinadu | 19 Apr 2020
How different would our lives be if we truly grasped the fact that we are God's heirs, one day to come into a glorious inheritance?
Philip Jinadu | 22 Mar 2020
Life in the attention economy can be punishing on mental health. So how can we apply the principles and commands found in Scripture to find a way out?
Sam Cook | 1 Mar 2020
The oldest book in the Bible tackles depression and personal suffering head on. What can it teach us today?
Down Low
Mat Miles | 23 Feb 2020
Porn promises much but delivers little. Worse still, it leads to cycles of addiction and shame. So how can we live porn free?
Porn Free
Kate Jinadu | 26 Jan 2020
Is there a way to come out of sexual brokenness and regret into wholeness and freedom?
The Divine Art of Kintsugi
Philip Jinadu | 17 Feb 2019
What's the basis for our confidence from fear? How do we train our minds to run along good lines?
Secure in the Knowledge
Clare Thompson | 29 Apr 2018
What do you when your worst fears are realised? How do you navigate the dark valleys of life?
In the Valley
Rachel Riddall | 22 Apr 2018
Why do we worry and is there anything we can do to stop anxious thoughts getting on top of us?
Mighty Worrier
Bev Dobson | 15 Apr 2018
Is it right to chase after happiness or is there a better way?
Goodness Follows
Rob Scott Cook | 11 Feb 2018
Where do we turn when we’re lost, hassled and in pain? Where can we find comfort and hope in the dark times?
Philip Jinadu | 22 Oct 2017
How can we be truly ourselves in a world obsessed with outward appearances and the pursuit of the superficial?
Philip Jinadu | 24 Sep 2017
Life is a high impact sport and it’s difficult not to get hurt. So how do we recover from the knocks and can we live injury free?
Recovering from Hurt
Philip Jinadu | 26 Mar 2017
The Bible tells us that God's love drives out all fear. But what does that mean and how does it work?
Living Without Fear
Clare Thompson | 31 Jul 2016
Jesus repeatedly told his followers not to worry, but it may just be the command that’s hardest to keep. So how do we get on top of anxiety?
Worried Sick
Philip Jinadu | 24 Jul 2016
How do we recover when our hearts have been broken? What’s the key to surviving relationship breakdowns without becoming hard and bitter?
Broken Up
Philip Jinadu | 17 Jul 2016
Stress is an every day part of modern living. So how do we handle it? How do we rediscover our equilibrium when life tips us over the edge?
Stressed Out
Alex Burn | 10 Jul 2016
Where do you go when you hit rock bottom? And what's the key to overcoming crippling discouragement?
Falling Down
Philip Jinadu | 3 Jul 2016
We all make a mess of things from time to time. So how do you make things right when they've gone so wrong?
How to Get Back on Track
Philip Jinadu | 11 Oct 2015

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