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Handling finances well and learning how to be generous with money and free from materialism
Jesus had more to say about money than almost any other subject. Why is this and what does it mean for us?
Jesus vs. Greed
Philip Jinadu | 31 Mar 2019
What resources has God trusted us with? How do we make sure we act as good stewards?
Trusted with Good Things
Philip Jinadu | 16 Sep 2018
A nice guy that was happy to finish last . How can you tell that someone is all in for God's Kingdom?
Philip Jinadu | 24 Jun 2018
How do we make good financial decisions that set us up for the long haul, and what’s the place of giving when money is tight?
Prosperity Follows
Philip Jinadu | 28 Jan 2018
What does discipleship look like and how can we make sure that our possessions don’t end up possessing us?
The One Percenter
Philip Jinadu | 13 Aug 2017
Why is it important to cultivate a lifestyle of generosity and how do we facilitate that as a community?
How We Do Giving
Philip Jinadu | 30 Oct 2016
Generosity isn't about having lots of money or a particular type of personality. It's a way of life that anybody can choose. So how do we develop a lifestyle of cheerful generosity and what are the benefits?
Give Save Live
Philip Jinadu | 17 Apr 2016
The average person spends 10% more than they earn. For most of us, debt is a way of life. So how do we break free and what are the keys to getting a handle on our finances?
Life After Debt
Philip Jinadu | 10 Apr 2016
Capitalism runs on discontentment - it's a system designed to make us always want more, bigger, better, newer. So how do we beat the system and what exactly is the Secret of Contentment?
The Secret
Philip Jinadu | 3 Apr 2016

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