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Everything to do with understanding what prayer is and how to pray
How do we go deeper in prayer and what stops it from becoming dry and religious?
When You Pray
Philip Jinadu | 17 May 2020
Prayer is the biggest factor in changing our story and the stories of those around us. So why don’t we engage more? Why is it so hard?
Nuisance Neighbour
Kate Jinadu | 24 Nov 2019
How do we avoid suffering the consequences of our wrong choices and actions?
Matt Price | 11 Aug 2019
What are the keys to an effective prayer life and how do we handle sickness as a community.
Better at Prayer
Philip Jinadu | 21 Jul 2019
What does it mean to be devoted to prayer? And why is it key for a community of faith?
Devoted to Prayer
Chloe Swinney | 18 Nov 2018
Genesis reveals man’s relationship with God. So how do we influence our maker?
Synergy in the Beginning
Philip Jinadu | 18 Mar 2018
What does the Bible say about healing? How can we pray for healing for others and experience supernatural healing ourselves?
Healing Special
Tim Dobson | 26 Feb 2017
Why is it that so many of us struggle with prayer? And is it possible for us to learn how to pray and actually enjoy it?
How to Pray
Philip Jinadu | 8 Jan 2017

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