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What it means to grow spiritually and develop a deeper relationship with God
In a time of imposed self-denial, what can we learn about the path to true happiness?
When You Fast
Sam Cook | 24 May 2020
Psalm 23 is the best of all the psalms - exquisitely constructed and eternally comforting. So what makes it so special?
The Shape of a Kiss
Philip Jinadu | 29 Mar 2020
Rebuilding is not complete without worship and spiritual renewal. What are our values around worship as a building community?
From Wall to Worship
Matt Price | 9 Jun 2019
Jesus constantly clashed with the religious. How do we live as believers without giving in to our religious impulses?
Jesus vs. Religion
Mat Miles | 14 Apr 2019
Is hearing from God just for the super-spiritual? And if it's not, how do we do it?
Hearing from God
Clare Thompson | 11 Nov 2018
Psalm 139 | Dave Mitchell
What difference does it make knowing we're utterly and intimately known by God?
Psalm 139
Dave Mitchell | 26 Aug 2018
What are we to make of the gleeful depiction of violence and warfare in the Psalms?
Psalm 18
Philip Jinadu | 19 Aug 2018
When it comes to followers, Jesus is not just looking for people to believe in him, embrace his teaching and do good. He’s after something altogether more profound.
Only One Thing
Philip Jinadu | 6 Mar 2016

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